IT Servicedesk Downloads

The Following files are for the use of the Intrinsic IT Servicedesk.
Do not download any of these files unless instructed to do so by a member of the IT team.
Doing so without authorization could result in damage to your software installation.

IT Tools
SpaceMonger - Runtime Version    

LogMeIn - Direct Links
Support Log In
Adviser Connection

.Net Installers
DotNet 1.1 Hotfix
DotNet 2.0
For 3.0, 3.5 and 3.5sp1 use Windows Update or:
DotNet 3.0
DotNet 3.5
DotNet 3.5sp1
.Net UN INSTALLER/Cleanup tool
DotNet Cleanup tool

Software Installers
Internet Explorer 8    

QuickTime Installer (No iTunes) v7.2    

Adobe Acrobat Reader v9.3.4

XenApp Hosted Apps v11.0.150

32bit Client
64bit Client
PCF file

Protection Analysis Tool
Protection analysis tool v1.01

Intrinsic Software Set
Worksmart Installer

Misc Docs
Induction 2012 client file

Workbench Nav guides
M&P Induction 2013 course docs

Third Party Installers
ExWeb Installer

Intrinsic Tools
Config Switcher - VM (Feb 2011)

Last updated: 24/6/13