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Intrinsic Software Installers

Workbench logo Installing Workbench

Please follow these instructions to install and register Workbench.

1. Click on the relevant (32bit or 64bit) install link and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

If you are not sure if you are running 32 or 64bit Windows click here.

2. Once the install is complete, return to your computer desktop and double-click on the new Intrinsic Gateway icon.

3. Login to Gateway using either the Restricted Members or Independent Members login panel to ensure you get the right version of the system.

4. Gateway will open and from here you can access all Intrinsic systems including Workbench.

5. Immediately after logging on to Gateway for the first time a Report Writer paragraph library installation will commence. Please allow the paragraph libraries to install which will take approximately one minute and you will be given an 'Update completed successfully' message.

6. Once the paragraph libraries have been installed, you will not be prompted to do an automatic update again for 30 days.

Worksmart Installer

Protection Analysis Tool


Before you install Trigold, Have you already got it installed?

If so, we recommend you first backup your existing Trigold Database. You can do this from within your start menu:
Click Start > All Programs > Trigold > Prospector > Maintenance

In the window that opens, click ‘Backup to file’ and save the database to your desktop.

To get the Trigold installer, please download the latest version from Trigold here.

During the install, you will be asked for your registration details. This will have been provided to you via email when you were first approved as an Intrinsic adviser.

360° Lifecycle

Note: If you are not a 360° Lifecycle user, you do not need to install this software.

What is it? If you want to know what 360° Lifecycle is and what it can do for your practice click here for more info.

There are some additional prerequisite Windows updates you will need already installed before you can install the 360° Lifecycle software. These are:

You probably already have these installed on your machine, so simply install the 360° Lifecycle software below and if the installer prompts you to install either of the above, then use these links to install them.

There are 2 parts to the 360° Lifecycle install, Advisor and Office. You will need to install both of these to fully use the system:

Note for multi user PCs: The software needs to be installed on each user profile on that PC that is intending to use the 360° Lifecycle software.

We also have some user guides that you may also find of use:


Need Assistance?

If you have a new support issue and require some assistance, you can contact the
IT Service Desk during office hours on:
01793 647499
email us